Talk - Swift's Reflective Underpinnings

May 26, 2018

Swifts Reflective Underpinnings - Joe Groff

A talk by Joe Groff, a member of the Swift Core team at Apple.

I’d been waiting for the video of this talk to be released since hearing about it last year.

This is the bread and butter of working with dynamic languages like Objective-C and Ruby. And it's something that has an important part in Swift's future as well. I'm going to look at a bunch of problems that are, I think, are solved well with Reflection and I'm going to look at how Swift's runtime could be used to solve these problems.
Some of these are things that you can do with Swift the language today. And some of them need a little bit of additional language or library design to reveal. I’m also gonna look at how Reflection can benefit not only a finished running program, but the entire development process of building Swift. When I have to take the time machine to look to future Swift, I'm gonna use this icon on a slide to indicate that this isn't something you can write in Swift today.

Pretty much essential viewing.

I have no idea why Apple doesn’t release this kind of content regularly on their Swift blog or on

Header photo credit: unsplash-logoMarkus Spiske